About Fredi

You know those days where you’re on your A-game, crushing your to-do list, and feeling like the best version of yourself?

We’re here to help you have more of those days.

Fredi's Philosophy

Productivity + Positivity

When you show up day after day as your best self, you’ll see cumulative career growth, feel more confident, and experience a greater sense of fulfillment in life.

Fredi's goal is to provide tools and resources that promote productivity + positivity so you can bring your best self to work and life.

Meet the Team

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Fredi was founded by a sister-brother team who share passions for entrepreneurship, challenging themselves to be the best they can be, and empowering others to do the same. When Chelsea’s passion for empowering innovative women through her company, Launch It Girl met Mitch’s passion for productivity derived from his high-pressure career on Wall Street, Fredi was born.

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Chelsea is a brand strategist and entrepreneur. Through her work as the co-founder of Launch It Girl, she has had the opportunity to work with many ambitious women who are balancing it all - from motherhood to full time jobs to side hustles. Inspired by these women, she wanted to provide tools and resources to help them manage the overwhelm of competing priorities and feel like their very best selves more often.

When she’s not managing Fredi or building brands for Launch It Girl, Chelsea loves brainstorming new business ideas, creative writing, and volunteering at her local animal shelter.

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During the 6 years Mitch spent working in investment banking, he was regularly faced with 100-hour work weeks and all-nighters. In his efforts to keep his head — and his health — above water, he took to experimenting with a wide variety of lifestyle hacks to increase energy and focus, manage stress, and stay productive despite the overwhelm and exhaustion. As he discovered what worked best for him through trial and error, he developed a passion for productivity that he wanted to share with the world.

When he’s not working, Mitch loves reading business books, doing improv, and watching Mean Girls on repeat.

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