About Fredi

We help ambitious women cultivate burnout-resistant brains.

Fredi's Philosophy

We believe success starts with wellness.

Practicing holistic wellness helps you stay ahead of burnout symptoms and feel your best so you can perform your best, move steadily toward your goals, and experience snowballing wins in your confidence and career. It is our mission to bring you the tools and resources you need for your wellness routine, so you can consistently be on your A-game.

Meet the Team

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Fredi was founded by a sister-brother team who share passions for wellness, entrepreneurship, challenging themselves to be the best they can be, and empowering others to do the same. When Chelsea’s passion for empowering innovative women through her company, Launch It Girl met Mitch’s passion for holistic wellness derived from a few back-breaking moments experienced during his high-pressure career on Wall Street, Fredi was born.

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Chelsea is a serial entrepreneur and brand strategist. In her early career, she bounced between jobs and projects, struggling to point her ambition in a fulfilling direction. Through the development of a mindfulness practice, she learned to slow down, lean into what she was best at, and master the art of follow-through. Along the way, Chelsea discovered that the missing link between ambition and success was focus.

Through her work as the co-founder of Launch It Girl, she has worked with many ambitious women who are balancing it all— from motherhood to full time jobs to side hustles. Getting to know these women uncovered endless examples of why focus is such a challenge, and why so many suffer from burnout. Determined to help, she enthusiastically joined her brother in his mission to make brain health easier, and co-founded Fredi.

When she’s not managing Fredi or building brands for Launch It Girl, Chelsea loves traveling, creative writing, and volunteering at her local animal shelter.

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Throughout the 6+ years Mitch spent working in investment banking, he was regularly faced with 100-hour work weeks and all-nighters. The stress and exhaustion took an extreme toll on his health, and after a big scare, he knew he had to take better care of his himself if he was going achieve his goals.

He took to experimenting with a wide variety of lifestyle hacks to increase energy and focus, manage stress, and stay productive despite the overwhelm and exhaustion. As he discovered what worked best for him through trial and error, he developed a passion for self-growth and holistic wellness that he wanted to share with the world. When talking to friends and family about some of the self-care practices he had implemented, he discovered that none of the ambitious women in his life had heard of an incredibly effective solution he had discovered: a daily supplement for focus and energy. So, he set out to create his own, all-natural blend and build a company that made brain health easier and more approachable to everyone.

When he’s not working, Mitch loves going to the beach, snowboarding, doing improv, and watching Mean Girls on repeat.